October 24, 2020


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7 Essential oils, herbs and vitamins – natural remedies for different health problems

Nature has much to offer. It has got a solution to every health problem we face whereas we still take tine of useless, harmful medicines inside our body and start depending on it. Medical marijuana doctors near me treat their patients with marijuana herb as in some conditions, it is legal to use this herb in therapies and treatment of any kind health issues.

Medical marijuana doctors near me do use this plant as in getting health conditions better of their patients s there is an active ingredient delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), it’s proven in increasing appetite and reduce nausea. Some other ingredients may help out in reducing muscle control problems and may decrease pain and inflammation. There is an example as 600cancer patients were facing issues of nausea and vomiting after chemotherapy, and they were given doses on marijuana which resulted in 47 % of their symptoms completely stopped after taking (THC OR CBD).

 So you never know what herb or oil can hold what kind of prevention against the disease you are facing. Many essential oils out there can help us with some of the most calming and good results such as lavender oil is best reducing anxiety problems. Stress issues as adding a few drops of lavender oil in our room humidifier can help us reduce stress and anxiety. At the same time, we fall asleep.it can also give us calming and soothing bathes by just sprinkling just a few drops in bath get help in relieving stress and tension after a long and hectic day. Bergamot had calming and uplifting properties such as, it helps in getting a good feet massage and, also helps in uplifting our emotions and calming out stress and anxiety levels.we can diffuse it in our office cabin or table somewhere. It will uplift our feelings and helps us deal with stress and tension.

Other essentials oils such as clary sage, roman chamomile oil, ylang-ylang and petitgrain also help out n calming our emotions and uplifting our mood and balancing out our anxiety levels. They can create a serene environment due to their aromatic and calming nature.

Other than this some of the best herbs are basil, thyme, coriander, mint, parsley, rosemary and sage. These herbs contain abundant vitamins and other nutrients which our body needs and all of these vitamins help us heal our health problems and prevent them. Parsely is not just a dressing herb, but it contains vitamin A and C, it helps achieve balanced flavour in meals such as curries and stews. Basil is another famous Italian cuisine favourite as this gives an immense amazing taste in Italian cuisines and basil is rich in antioxidants which helps fight different types of diseases. Sage is excellent for seasoning as it overpowers other flavours. Sage help down with relieve cuts, inflammation and memory issues it was even said that sage is an all medicinal cure-all herb.

Other herbs such rosemary and thyme are also very flavorful and healthy herbs which can be quickly grown in houses, and they add punching aroma and flavours to dishes like soups, meat and stews as we wish to pair it. 

On the other hand, we have some best vitamins, which help us right harmful diseases and prevent them such as vitamin A, B, C  and D . Calcium, zinc, iron and folate also are those vitamins which support our health mentally and physically both. Vitamin D helps make the bone more energetic and reduce our chances of back problems. Other than that, vitamin C is our skin primary need, and magnesium calms down our nervous system. Each nutrient holds some advantage for us.