April 14, 2021


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7 most common drugs people get addicted to

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All drugs are dangerous, but illegal drugs are the most dangerous. They are used without a doctor’s prescription. There are many deaths across the globe due to the use of dangerous drugs. Every year there are huge records of deaths due to drug-related issues. 

Some drugs are responsible for causing deaths in individuals after a single-use. Still, there are also many drugs people get addicted to that can cause damage others after extended use. Here is a list of drugs that people get addicted to very easily:

1.    Tobacco

Tobacco is one of the drugs people get addicted to. According to the Centers for Disease Control, Nicotine is considered the most dangerous drug and is also a lethal substance. It sources thousands of deaths in the United States yearly. Despite this fact, smoking cigarettes is not stopped by people. The vital organs of our body are destroyed by the use of tobacco. It is responsible for causing damage to the throat and the lungs. 

This is a highly addictive drug. It can bring out relaxation and also produce secondhand smoke. The one who does not smoke also suffers from tobacco’s effects by letting it cause lung-related illness and even death through the smoke it generates. Lung cancer is also caused by smoking tobacco.

2.    Alcohol

Alcohol is another such drug that is commonly used by people. It can lower self-consciousness. It is responsible for causing many deaths annually. Alcohols are considered sedatives and can change the mood when someone is under the influence of alcohol. 

There are many side effects of alcohol, which can range from moderate to severe. It also damages various body organs. For more information, visit http://houstondrugrehabs.com/

3.    Fentanyl

Fentanyl is a prescription and synthetic opioid. This is considered to be an effective pain killer. It has the ability of Morphine and also Heroin. This drug is highly effective in nature and quitting; this needs proper guidance from experts. 

4.    Heroin 

This drug is very popular because it has got some prompt-action properties. This is also highly addictive, and people get easily addicted to it. This is accessible in white powder form. There is also Heroin, which is brown colored. Heroin can be smoked, snorted, and injected according to the preference of an individual. Quitting this drug is very difficult and needs expert guidance. 

5.    Cocaine

Cocaine is one of the stimulants and is a white powdery substance. A huge quantity of dopamine is released by Cocaine in the brain. It triggers a feeling of excitement among us. The abuse of Cocaine can result in convulsions, cardiac arrest, stroke, and eventually, death. 

There is also a feeling of excitability, anxiety, extreme loss of weight, depression, and delusions from the use of Cocaine. Cocaine is extremely damaging to the mind and also to the body. 

6.    Methadone

This drug was first used during the time of World War II. This drug was used at that time to get rid of the pain that is caused due to a shortage of Morphine. Nowadays, Methadone is used to treat addictions that are related to Opioids, for example, Heroin. But healthcare experts also warn of the risk of addiction to Methadone. The use of this drug can cause high blood pressure, loss of consciousness, and constricted pupils. 

7.    Morphine

This drug is derived from the Opium plant. This narcotic can cause endangered misuse. They are used in hospitals as pain killers. Morphine can be smoked, snorted, and injected. It has got some ecstatic effects on the body and mind of individuals. Morphine reduces the levels of anxiety and also causes drowsiness.