March 5, 2021


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Best healthy snacks to eat during the day

29 Healthy Snacks That Can Help You Lose Weight

At one point during working hours, one can easily feel exhausted and the right thing to do at that point is to refill their energy. Due to the busy work schedule and the inability to leave work at that time of the day, getting a proper meal might not be feasible. Getting a meal might even make you a bit lazy, dizzy, and unproductive at work. However, you still need to carry out your tasks and finish them at the expected time. This is where snacks come in, being the perfect option for refilling energy during the early period of working. Snacks are quite portable and could be easily placed on our work table, meaning we can crunch them while we continue with our work. In our quest for getting something to fill our stomach, we shouldn’t do that to the detriment of our health. This is why we have compiled a list of healthy snacks you can eat during the day. For your health-related products or supplements, you can check out Thorne Research, for a wide range of options.



Granola is a great healthy snack option suitable to be taken during the day, even during working hours. This snack can be eaten plain or added to whatever else you’re eating. To make it a bit fancy, you can add a bowl of milk to it, to increase its protein content. It can also be mixed with salads. For those that love things easy, you could easily get granola bar instead, as they are available in most health food companies. These bars contain protein, fiber, and healthy carbs.


Protein bar

A protein bar is another snack you can try out during the day. One interesting thing about this snack is that they come in different varieties of flavors, which could be chocolate peanut butter, cream, and berry. They also have their specific requirement ranging from low-sugar to gluten-free. They are also quite affordable.


Dried fruits

We all know the health benefits that come from taking fruits every day. There is even a popular saying that goes thus, ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’. Having dried fruits as a snack option is ideal for one’s health and at the same time satisfying one’s craving for something sweet.



Chips come in different forms and are one of the most commonly available healthy snacks. They range from potato chips, plantain chips, yam chips, and more. They are quick to satisfy one’s hunger as well as being crunchy. Chips can be eaten along with other toppings such as sauce, ketchup, and more. They could also be eaten plain as well


Nut butter

Nut butter is tasty, versatile office snacks, just like almond butter and peanut butter. They could be paired with such fruits as apple and banana, or eaten plain from the jar.


Dried cereals

Dried cereals are also one of the most commonly eaten desk snacks. It can be eaten dried, or better with a bowl of milk is added to it. They are also a fast source of energy for the body.