January 20, 2021


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Fitness Rowers – Great Piece of Exercise Equipment To Consider For Your Home Gym

Fitness Rowers – Great Piece of Exercise Equipment To Consider For Your Home Gym

Nowadays, it is hard to know what to choose when it comes to home exercise equipment – treadmills are the old standard, as are stationary bicycles. Simultaneously, stair climbers, steppers, and orbital machines seemed to have become more popular of late. One piece of exercise equipment that never seems to rate a mention is a fitness rower. Given the many benefits they provide, it is hard to know why they aren’t more popular.

Train Your Muscle

Rowing uses all the major muscle groups: legs, arms, back, abdominal, and buttocks, much the same way that swimming does. Although the legs provide most rowing stroke power, the upper body provides the remainder through the arms, shoulders, back, and even the abdominals. Rowing is one of the few aerobic activities that can strengthen your back. Rowing will also tone up your thighs and buttocks while firming up your arms and your back muscles.

FitnessExpoStores.com provides quality products like fitness rower, the rowing movement puts your muscles through a broader range of motion than most other exercises, helping to maintain and improve the flexibility around some of your major joints. This rowing action also gives you a distinct feeling of motion, making the exercise more enjoyable and satisfying. 

Rowing is also a great calorie burner – recent research has shown that rowing burns calories faster than biking, at the same perceived level of exertion. In other words, it feels a lot easier to burn the same amount of calories while rowing than while biking.

This makes rowing very time-efficient, as it doesn’t take as long to get a great workout that offers just about everything.

Rowing is a very smooth, rhythmic action that helps your body quickly “shift” into the fat-burning zone. It impacts free and non-weight bearing, meaning that it is much easier on your joints than jogging, running, and rope jumping.

Rowing is an exercise that can be enjoyed by all ages, from kids right through to grandparents. With so many different fitness rowers models available today, finding the best rower that suits your requirements and budget can be quite challenging. Here are just a few of the features to consider:

Most fitness rower models available use air resistance or magnetic resistance, with magnetic resistance being quieter, smoother, and better (a combination of both is ideal).  Belt Drive Systems also tend to be softer and require less maintenance.

Fitness rowers should also have a variety of resistance levels with the more, the better. The auto or preset programs vary the magnetic resistance as you train, increasing your endurance, motivation, and decreasing your boredom.

A rowing machine with a control panel or digital display that shows heart rate, estimation of calories burned, and the distance traveled is a must-have, as this feedback will help you get the most out of your workout. Unfortunately, the best fitness rowers with the best displays are also the most expensive.

Since stationary bikes and the like usually can’t be stowed away, some rowing machines’ ability to be folded and stored away is very handy, especially if space is limited. Usually, the smaller rowers can be folded and tucked away. Still, as more features are added to a rowing machine, the more expensive and more extensive they become, there is less chance of them being foldable.

A fitness rower or rowing machine has many benefits over most other exercise equipment. I believe it gives you one of the best total body workouts available and is one of the best exercises for losing weight!