October 4, 2023

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How to Maintain Your Overall Well Being During COVID?

During this pandemic situation of COVID, it isn’t easy to stable our healthy life. Unreliability’s due to tensions that occur in finances, isolation, jobs; childcare disrupts our routines and mental health. Unpredictability’s about the future, and constant news from social media about COVID dilemmas increase our sense of anxiety. Obsessive activities, mood swings, stress, lack of focus are standard cases to these types of situations, which are the symptoms of ADD (attention deficit disorder). According to the researchers, there are 1 million cases of ADD per year. Attention deficit disorder happens mostly in girls than boys in adult age. If you have ADD or are suffering from these symptoms, schedule your appointment for an adult ADD test. Otherwise, it will affect your relationships, careers, schoolwork. Please don’t hesitate to narrate someone if you are suffering from this; it’s better to live a healthy life than pessimistic. Some tips and ideas for you addressed below; how to maintain your life during COVID-19?

i- Exercise mindfulness for mental wellbeing:

Mindfulness study is to see and concentrate on all going processes in your mind without directly reacting to anything. Take a deep breath and live each second full of productive and glad. Close your eyes, bring your thoughts to your mind, and make your soul aware without judgment by letting go of negative thoughts. With affirmation, it seems that practicing mindfulness exercise makes our brain ready to cope up with the traumatic events its improve our emotional states and reduce our anxiety. If you cannot do this, go for an adult ADD test, which will help you out from these traumatic situations.

ii- Set your routine for physical wellbeing:

Setting your routine will make your life distressful and healthy. If you punctually stick to your schemes. You can set your habit by eating healthy and fresh food with making meal pattern; drink water instead of sugary beverages, use less amount of sodium salt and eat more seafood and use cooking oil somewhat of ghee or butter it contains more calories, follow your meal pattern showing exemption will affect your health. Another physical wellbeing is getting enough sleep, which is very important to stay active for the whole day. Patterned your sleep time; it’s enough for adults to sleep at night (7-9 hours), which will help in learning and reducing stress. The most important thing for physical fitness is exercise and yoga, which keep you active mentally and physically both. In the course of COVID, most people are at home, so it’s suggestions for them; they must try new hobbies like cooking fresh food, starting to determine the artwork to other things that will reduce their anxiety, and promote relaxation.

iii- Make a positive change for social wellbeing:

During Covid-19, you have much time to write articles, share your feelings, and express your views to others positively, which inspires others. Connect yourself with your parents, try to inform people and children about the traits and conditions of Covid-19, and sustain their lives during these situations by following our suggestions given in this article. Be kind to others; this will make you happy as well. Relief can be in any form like; conveying a cutesy letter to your friend, grilling lunch or dinner for your neighbours, and donating to a charity. Lessen your time in watching TV and useless social apps or media. Try to research on some topic and write an article and then share it with people and share informative websites. It’s time to share positive things and aware of people of good things happening in the world right now!

    Hope! This article brings positivity to your routine to help you out from stress and anxiety during COVID.