May 29, 2022


Delighting Fitness Lovers

Running a Small Fitness Studio

One thing that many fitness fanatics often consider at some point is opening their own fitness studio. Most will never be able to open a large gym, but starting a small fitness studio is easier than most people would ever assume. This is a low overhead business, with the main expenses being the cost of leasing space and the cost of workout equipment. All you need is a passion for providing a fitness experience to your customers, and a few startup dollars and your dream can become a reality.

Competing With Large Gyms

Providing clients with 24/7 access to your studio can be an effective way to compete with the larger gyms and fitness centers. With more people working flexible hours and odd shifts, you never know when someone may want to work out.  If you contact a full-service commercial locksmith Orlando, you can explore options for electronic entry keypads to facilitate this type of access.

Choosing a Studio Type

There are several options for which style of studio to choose. You may go for a traditional workout facility, or something en vogue like a spinning studio, yoga studio or pilates studio. Making the right choice is best done by surveying the other competitors in your local market.

Offering Something Extra

Fitness is above all else a service business, which means your customer service game needs to be on point. As a small studio, your biggest advantage is the personal relationship that you can establish with your clients. This extra personal touch is the key to retaining your clients over time, so be sure to always remember Birthdays, know the names of your clients’ kids and spouses, and ask about interests that you can talk with them about during workout sessions.

Owning your own fitness studio may seem like a dream, but turning that dream into reality may be easier than you think!