May 29, 2022


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Why Do Travel Nurses Get Paid More?

How Much Do Travel Nurses Make In A Year? | Salary 2021 | Travel Nursing

Travel nursing jobs are known to get higher pay compared with regular nurses. Travel nursing jobs are jobs given to nurses which are usually short-term and range from 8 weeks to 26 weeks. Travel nurses who work with travel nurse agencies can get continuous assignments after they finish one. If you are a nurse and want to become one then you can contact  Advantage Medical Professionals travel RN jobs are offered by them. 

Is It True That Travel Nurses Make More Money?

Yes indeed and here are some reasons why:

They Serve as Immediate Replacement 

Travel nurses can immediately work once medical facilities need them. Travel nurse agencies handle a lot of nurses who are ready to work anytime and anywhere. Medical facilities are relieved from going through a long process of recruitment just to hire nurses who will fill in a short-term position which is impractical on their part. So instead they hire nurses through travel nurses and are willing to pay a higher hourly rate compared with their regular nurses since they don’t need commitment from travel nurses. 

Travel Nurse are In demand 

In-demand jobs get higher pay as always. Travel nurses have been bridging the gap on the scarcity of nurses in different places. Due to the pandemic situation happening right now medical facilities are running out of nurses to attend to their patients. That’s why they are partnering with a travel nurse agency to be able to fill in the vacancies in their hospitals. The good thing about having a travel nurse is, rural parts are being penetrated and get nurses they need. With this demand, travel nurses get paid higher. 

Travel Nurse Receives Bonuses

Apart from the basic pay, they get housing stipends and bonuses. With the money they save from renting they can earn more since they don’t have to pay for their accommodation in every place they are assigned to. What’s more, they can get a referral bonus when they recommend a nurse who is also qualified to become a travel nurse. Another bonus they can get is a performance bonus, if they go the extra mile during their assignments they can get extra money for doing so. 

Employers Pay for Skills 

Travel nurses who have specialization and more years of experience can get paid higher. Experience and expertise always count when it comes to jobs, especially if you are a travel nurse who is capable of doing the job without the need for training since you’re experienced enough to execute duties and responsibilities in the department you’re assigned to. Getting workers who are qualified enough to start immediately deserved to get paid more. 

How Much Do Travel Nurses Make? 

The pay can depend on several factors such as location, experience, and specialization. If a travel nurse is lucky enough to get an offer to the highest-paid city plus she has the experience and specialization they can earn more. Travel nurses get paid higher than regular career nurses that’s why most nurses would prefer to work outside their residences. Travel nurse’s pay is disclosed even before they get assigned to their destination, so they can accept or decline the job offer. 

Where Can Travel Nurses Make The Most Money?

Top cities for travel nursing include California, Alaska, New York, Texas, Washington D.C., Nevada, Oregon, and Massachusetts. In these cities, a travel nurse can earn up to $59.13 per hour.  Travel nurses can request their travel nurse agencies to get assigned to the highest paying locations for registered nurses. 

Those are just several reasons why do travel nurses get paid more? Travel nurses can get more benefits if they work with the best travel nurse agencies. Getting assigned to the right destination plus a nurse’s skills can take her far to her career. Being able to get experience while working at different medical facilities within a year will not only broaden their knowledge but also enhance their skills as a nurse. Another advantage a travel nurse can have is being able to travel to different places and experience different cultures that make them more flexible to adapt to any situations they will get into. As a nurse exposure is important to grow professionally and personally.